Lakewood Forward informs, inspires, activates, and strengthens our community.

Our Vision


The Lakewood we advocate for is:



Lakewood values diversity, respects its citizens, and promotes equal treatment and opportunity for all. We collaborate with one another, find common ground, and consider the impact of today’s decisions on future generations.



Lakewood’s quality of life is unrivaled in the region. We bring people together and connect them to their community. Enriching the physical, creative and intellectual well-being of all Lakewood residents through our diverse recreational, educational, artistic and healthy lifestyle opportunities will keep Lakewood thriving and strong.


Lakewood is a community where all residents can prosper. Many of the things we cherish today come in part from a thriving economy: a job, a nice home, good schools, funding for arts and culture and infrastructure. Through innovation, creativity and risk-taking we encourage economic vitality and foster an environment where people can live, work, and play.


Lakewood is both fiscally and environmentally conscious. Successful cities anticipate how economic growth will influence the city’s evolution. We are motivated to maintain a resilient, livable future for both our current residents who wish to age in place and future residents who may choose to make Lakewood home.