Dockless Bicycle Sharing Could Bring Lakewood's Multi-Modal Transit Future Closer


Since 2015 Lakewood Has Agreed to on a Multi-Modal Transportation Future. Is Dockless Bicycle Sharing Our Next Big Step Forward?

Our community's 2015 Comprehensive Plan was developed through extensive resident input. Transportation and mobility is one of the Plan elements and the overall vision we arrived at is, "Lakewood will support connectivity through a variety of transportation options and inspire residents to utilize multiple transportation modes."

In step with that vision, it's exciting that the city is now exploring the feasibility of a bike share system. As we all want safe and reliable options for how we get around our community, bike share could be a valuable option for many of our fellow residents, especially those who rely on bicycling as their primary mode of transportation. 

And there's big news from the east! Aurora just signed on with two new (dockless) bicycle share vendors who are now up and running.  Click here to find a a brief overview of their program. It's exciting to think what this launch could mean for Lakewood and other communities like ours throughout the metro area. As we aspire to achieve our multi-modal vision, dockless bike share could be a great step forward for us.

Nicole Marshall